Getting Started


Upon reaching out and making contact with us, you have completed the hardest part. From that point on, the following is what will take place so that we may assist you. Firstly, we will discuss over the phone exactly what is happening at your residence or business.

During this time, we will discuss in detail what your thoughts are and what the perceived problem is. This will include talking about the hot spot locations in the affected dwelling (places where you feel most threatened). You may find this part of the process to be mundane, but we encourage you to bear with us. Every bit of information counts and could have meaning. We will discuss any physical circumstances that you have encountered (feeling cold spots, any bad smells, any physical touching that may have occurred, any objects that you notice out of place, loud noises, etc).

We would ask that you make a list of things that have occurred which you believe to be paranormal in nature. Start your list with the most memorable event. Include any people that were around, any sounds that you heard, smells. This is the mundane part, but it is very important as it is known that buildings can contain energy, but it is also known that spiritual energy can attach and follow human beings.



After the phone intake interview has taken place, some time will be spent by the team running a background check on the effected site. By doing this, we can research your location via internet, check library and historical records to ascertain if any death or tragedy has occurred on or nearby the premises. We also will ask you if you have any such knowledge regarding any death taking place in or near your location to please disclose this to us during the telephone interview.



After the team has researched historical records on your location, a date and time will be set to come out and conduct an investigation. Performing an investigation requires that noise be kept to a minimum so that our equipment can pick up any evidence without contamination. We would ask that small children and pets be cared for while we attempt to gather evidence and that only those affected be present during the investigation.The following are the steps that will take place during the physical investigation:

  1. Team members will perform an area sweep of the effected area. We will log temperatures, check energy spikes, etc. so that we may compare once we start the investigation.
  2. Team will set up investigative equipment.
  3. Those affected along with team members will sit down and begin by conducting an EVP session. The term EVP stands for “Electronic Voice Phenomena”, and this evidence is gathered by utilizing digital recorders, analog recorders, phone recorders.
  4. Those affected along with team members will conduct question and answer session directed at the purported spiritual energy. During this time video will be taken in order to capture any evidence.

The above can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on the size of the location.



After the investigation has taken place, some time will be spent by the team going over the evidence obtained during the investigation. This involves downloading recordings and going through each one to ascertain if any EVP’s were captured during the question and answer session. We will also evaluate all video feed to see if any evidence was captured during the event. We ask that you please be patient as this step is very time consuming.

After all the evidence has been evaluated, we will reach out to you and let you know what evidence was found.