About Us

Insomniac Spirit Research and Investigations, aka ISRI,  is a Southern California Paranormal Assistance team providing help to those needing answers. We are dedicated to assisting and resolving paranormal issues through means of scientific method and extensive research. Our service areas include Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, Riverside County, San Bernardino County along with Nevada and Arizona. 

Dealing with the paranormal can be very stressful. Finding a seasoned Los Angeles Paranormal Assistance team that will do a thorough job investigating your property is important. Paranormal issues can manifest in depression, exhaustion, weakness and fatigue. We understand these issues and have lived through them ourselves at some point. If you are encountering unexplained circumstances, and feel the need to reach out and be heard, please contact us.

Here are a few things that we have helped resolve for our clients: Unexplained noises, objects moving or noticed out of place for no reason, hearing voices when no one is around, cold spots, visualized shadow figures, unexplained objects showing up in pictures or video. Our team has travelled and investigated extensively throughout the USA. We have obtained and collaborated evidence of the afterlife in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, the Dakota’s and Maryland.

Our assistance is free, but we do accept donations.

ISRI, Southern California Paranormal Assistance is committed to resolving paranormal issues while maintaining confidentiality. We stay awake, so that you may sleep.

Los Angeles Paranormal Assistance